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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get Ready for the Final Sprint

The last 10 days of Ramadan are finally coming up. Now is the time that you should be relaxing a bit (though not too much). Alhamdulillah, Allah Azza Wajal has provided us with such a schedule that these 10 days start from Monday, inshallah.

Get a good sleep and take care of all your needs beforehand, especially if you are planning to do Itekaf. You've got these 2 holidays for all your preparations and then you start sprinting, inshallah, until Ramadan ends.

Plan hourly schedules for these days. Remember that Lailat ul Qadr could be any of the odd nights of Ramadan so you've got to make sure that your plan is such that you are able to continue with your plan for all these days.

Here are a couple of lectures on these 10 days:

Bear in mind that 2/3rd of Ramadan has almost finished. You should exert as much as you can during these last 10 days to cover up for all the mismanagements in the previous 20 days etc.

Note that if you've got enough time or you can take out enough, do not neglect Itekaf!

Keep praying to Allah Azza Wajal to help you and guide you and to make this Ramadan the best of the Ramadans for you and to forgive your sins!

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