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Friday, November 27, 2009


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A very happy Eid to all Muslims.

What Exactly is Eid?

It is a day in which there is a gathering. The word being derived from 'ada-ya 'udu he returned, he is returning, as if they are returning to it i.e. 'Eid. It is also said that the word is derived from 'aadah custom/habit, because they have become accustomed to it. The plural of it being 'Ayad. It is also said: "'Ayadal Muslimun" the Muslims celebrate 'Eid, meaning they witnessed their 'Eid.

Ibn-ul- 'Arabi said: "'Eid was named 'Eid because it returns every year with renewed happiness."

The renowned scholar Ibn 'Aabidin said: "'Eid was titled by this name because in it is the customary beneficence of Allah, the Most High, i.e. various forms of kindness that return, everyday upon His servants. From these are: "Fitr" (eating) after food had been prohibited, Sadaqatul-Fitr, completion of the Hajj by the Tawaf of visiting, the meat from the sacrifices and many other acts. Also because the custom in 'Eid is joy, happiness, cheer fullness and gladness."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ten Favourite Days of Allah (swt)

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The ten most favourite days of Allah (swt) have just started. Even though I had thought of writing an article but due to a lack of time, I was unable to do that and already some time has passed.

I just received an email with the following article so I thought I’d post it here instead of wasting more time in writing a new article.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

When is it that Allah (swt) accepts repentance!

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                             In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

When is it that Allah (sw) accepts repentance!

Praise be to Allah!If you committed evil but have repented sincerely, and changed your life around for better, then Allah has certainly promised to grant you mercy and forgiveness. It is one of the basic principles of belief in Islam that Allah is All-Relenting, All-Forgiving and All-Merciful.Allah says

“Didn’t they know that it is Allah who accepts repentance of His servants and forgives sins?” (At-Tawbah: 104).