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Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Death becomes a Wedding

For those viewing this post from the homepage, note that there's more after the following video. You'll be able to see the complete post by clicking "Read the complete entry" below.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Worldchains - An Alternative to Facebook?

A new website called Worldchains has recently been made (after the controversy of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day) by a Pakistani. Even though I just signed up, it seems almost an exact copy of Facebook and might prove to be very successful especially if Facebook is banned in Pakistan forever. However, of course there will be some setbacks of using this, at least in the beginning, because all the contacts that a person could have might not be willing to sign up at this site. It has got a few extra options which might be annoying to many and some options just don't work properly while I can't figure out how to do some of the same stuff which I used to on Facebook but on the whole, it's not bad. Following are the details of this site.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is the Prophet Muhammad (S) synonymous to forgiveness?

This post has been written in response to the article “Pakistan should ban extremism, not Facebook” which was published on the CNN International website on 20th of May.

Why is it that when it comes to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (S), the views of some Muslims are similar or, in some aspects, even worse than that? Why is it that these people think that the Prophet Muhammad (S) did nothing all his life except forgiving people left and right?
Why is it that when it comes to their own honour, they use every possible means to defend it and when it comes to the honour of the Prophet Muhammad (S), they do not do anything claiming that the Prophet Muhammad (S) would not do anything to defend his honour?
These are usually the people who, after an in-depth study of Islam, deviate from the Sirat al-Mustaqim (the straight path) by following some deviant sects, establishing a new sect and in some cases, migrating from Islam to kufr (disbelief).
We advise such people to first research on what they are going to say and then go and speak their mind to other people, informing them whether it is the Islamic view which they are expressing or their own view.

Friday, May 21, 2010

CNN obtains letter written by Faisal Shahzad

New York (CNN) -- Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the failed car bombing in New York's Times Square, was frustrated with the state of the Muslim world and sought a way to "fight back."
Two e-mails obtained by CNN help piece together a portrait of the Pakistani-born naturalized U.S. citizen. They also may shed some light on what propelled his failed terror plot.

"Everyone knows the current situation of Muslim World," he wrote in an e-mail he sent to a large group of recipients in February 2006.

At the time, he had been in the United States for about six years, had earned his MBA and was working as a financial analyst in Connecticut.
"Everyone knows how the Muslim country bows down to pressure from the west. Everyone knows the kind of humiliation we are faced with around the globe."

Pakistan blocks YouTube over un-Islamic content

Move follows Muslim anger that prompted government to block Facebook
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan blocked YouTube and many other Internet sites Thursday in a widening crackdown on online content deemed offensive to Islam, reflecting the secular government's sensitivities to an issue that has ignited protests in the Muslim country.
The move came a day after the government obeyed a court order to block Facebook over a page called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" that encourages users to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. Most Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favorable ones, as blasphemous.
Supporters of an Islamist political party protested against Facebook in at least three cities in small and peaceful rallies. The government, which is unpopular among many Islamists for siding with the United States in the war against the Taliban and al-Qaida, is hoping that the website bans will lessen anger in the days ahead.

CNN: Pakistan blocks YouTube, Facebook over 'sacrilegious content'

(CNN) -- Pakistan on Thursday blocked access to YouTube -- a day after it shut down the social networking site Facebook -- in response to an online group calling on people to draw the Prophet Mohammed.
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ordered operators to shut down YouTube "in view of growing sacrilegious contents on it," officials said in a statement.
PTA said Thursday it reached its decision after all "possible avenues were used within its jurisdiction, including using regular channels available on the Facebook and YouTube to launch protest, to avoid appearances of derogatory material available on their websites."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pakistan Bans YouTube

Update: Please read the article below that was added.

Even though no news update on this yet, it looks like Pakistan has also YouTube along with Facebook (Facebook was banned on the order of Lahore High Court which was issued yesterday. Visit or for more information) the reason being the same, i.e. in protest to Everyone Draw Mohammed Day. See the following screenshots.

Pakistan shuts down Facebook over 'Draw Mohammed Day'

(CNN) -- Pakistan is blocking access to Facebook in response to an online group calling on people to draw the Prophet Mohammed, officials said Wednesday.
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued the order a day before "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," scheduled by a Facebook group with the same name.
"Obviously (the blocking of Facebook) is related to the objectionable material that was placed on Facebook. That is why it is blocked," said Khoram Ali Mehran of the telecommunication authority.

Pakistan court orders Facebook ban

A Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page encourged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Founder claims 'Everyone Draw Mohammed Day' a fiction

The cartoonist, Molly Norris, who claims to have declared May 20 as ‘Everyone Draw Mohammed Day’ has backed out with the argument that it was supposed to be a fictional joke and therefore, she apologises to all the Muslims and asks that this day be called off.

However, instead of it getting cancelled, it’s popularity is growing, both among Muslims and non-Muslims. More non-Muslims are intending to show what they claim to be ‘freedom of speech’ as indicated by the increasing number of members on the facebook event page, not forgetting to mention that there are some who are condemning. This simply shows the intentions of the majority of the kuffar. Even though this was soon to happen, Allah (swt) specifically chose to disgrace Molly Norris by making her take the initiative of the worst crimes in His eyes so that she receives the sins of all those who follow her practice even after she calls it off.

Similarly, more Muslims are responding to such activities and are using this opportunity to propagate the message of Islam as shown by the following video.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Muhammad Cartoonist attacked during lecture

STOCKHOLM - A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted Tuesday as angry protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of artistic freedom.

Lars Vilks told The Associated Press a man in the front row ran up to him and head-butted him during the lecture, breaking his glasses but leaving him uninjured. It wasn't immediately clear what happened to the attacker.

A video clip of the incident on the website of a Swedish newspaper showed police using pepper spray and batons to hold off an angry crowd shouting "God is great" in Arabic after Vilks was escorted out of the lecture hall.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Response to Everyone Draw Muhammad Day: The Dust will never settle down

The kuffar are planning to celebrate the first Annual Everyone Draw Muhammad Day on the 20th of May, 2010. Following is the poster for that event.

Here is our video response to it followed by a lecture explaining how the Sahaba (RA) would react to such blasphemy and the rulings on how we should deal with it. It's long but do take some time out to read it. It's very important. You can either listen to the lecture posted after the video or just read the typed article. It's the same. Though, if you haven't got enough time for that, at least listen to the last 10 minutes of the lecture or read the last 4-5 pages.