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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are those who rebel against the rulers today Khawarij?

Sheikh ‘Umar ‘Abdur Rahman said:

Just as for the Khawarij, the Ulamaa’ had explained that they were one of those who rebelled against the true Imam (Al-Imam Al Haq), and they were openly disobedient to them, and they conspired against them – but where are the true Imams today, who could (the most rightful) give a label to someone who rebel against them as‘Khawarij’ ?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Methodology for the Re-Establishment of Khilafah - Imam Anwar al-Awlaki

Salam Alakum. What I understand from your lectures is that you believe the
method to re-establish Khilafah is through Jihad. Can you respond to this?

“Another view that is being addressed to the Ummah is the concept of fighting

the rulers and that through military struggle Islam will return to the world
stage. Again this is based upon a particular Hadith. It has been narrated from
many sources including Imam Muslim that the Prophet (saw) said, .Do not
challenge the people of authority unless you see explicit Kufr of which you have
clear proof from Allah(from Islam).. Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer states that if
the Khaleefah reverts to the rule of disbelief, he would be fought until he
returned to the implementation of Islam and the Shari’ah.

Ibn Hajr in his Fateh al-Bari also states that if he becomes a Kafir, or

changes the Shari.ah he should be fought and removed. This view is also
mentioned in Nayl al-Awtar and supported by Imam Shawkani. That is, if the ruler
rules by other than the Shari’ah he is fought until he either repents or is
removed. However that is the only situation that it applies to i.e. the ruling
of a Khaleefah who resorts to the Kufr ruling and disobedience to Allah. It does
not relate to the Khaleefah becoming tyrannical and also does not relate to his
personality becoming corrupt. In which case obedience to him is binding and the
Muslims should still pray behind him and fight Jihad behind him.

However, these Ahadith are not connected to the current situation. They are all

connected to revolt and rising against the Khaleefah and are titled under the
subject of .Khurooj min al Khaleefah. i.e. rising against the authority of a
Khaleefah or an Imam.

The current situation is not that of the Khulafaa’ who used to rule by Islam

and then turned away from Islam. The current problem is also not merely related
to removing a ruler by killing him. Rather, entire systems of Kufr have been
implemented over Muslims for over 76 years, none of the rulers have ever ruled
by the Shari.ah and none of them are Khulafaa’ within a Khilafah. The systems
that they are applying are either monarchies or Capitalistic with some sort of
democratic framework. Hence, the reality isn.t that of removing a bad Khaleefah
within an Islamic State. The reality is of uprooting an entire Kufr system,
including it.s ruler, to again establish Dar ul-Islam. The current rulers are
not comparable in any way to Khulafaa’ who have introduced one Kufr law into the
Khilafah. Hence these Ahadith, which have always been understood in the context
of Dar ul-Islam i.e. where Islam is implemented and the Muslims possess the
security, do not apply upon the current situation. The reality which they
address is that of removing a Khaleefah who rules with Kufr within the Islamic
State, not that of uprooting an entire Kufr system merely by fighting and
killing the ruler of that system.

The only situation that is comparable from the evidences is the establishment

of the Islamic State for the very first time by the Prophet(saw) and the
struggle which he (saw) went through in order to establish this State and change
Dar ul-Kufr to Dar ul-Islam. This is the struggle which he (saw) referred to in
the Hadith of Hamza and as is illustrated in the Books of Sunnah and Seerah. As
that is the only instance in which a complete system of Kufr existed and was
changed to a complete system of Islam. So the matter is regarding the changing
of a system, not merely a ruler. The Ahadith of fighting, apply to changing a
ruler i.e. a Khaleefah who has gone astray not a system, only the struggle of
the Prophet (saw) in Makkah applies to the changing of a system. So military
struggle is not the method of re-establishing the Khilafah.”
- Also, can you give me your views on Hizb ut-Tahrir. JazakAllah Khair. Salam