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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are those who rebel against the rulers today Khawarij?

Sheikh ‘Umar ‘Abdur Rahman said:

Just as for the Khawarij, the Ulamaa’ had explained that they were one of those who rebelled against the true Imam (Al-Imam Al Haq), and they were openly disobedient to them, and they conspired against them – but where are the true Imams today, who could (the most rightful) give a label to someone who rebel against them as‘Khawarij’ ?

Where is the ‘Ali bin Abi Thalib of today?!

And if we are the Khawarij, then who are you (O regime and O Ulama who are loyal to them)?! Are you ‘Ali and his Companions?!

And did ‘Ali RA source the law of his authority from the legislation of the Persians or Romans?!

Did he base his rule on “Socialism” and “Democracy”? Or was he a caller towards “Nationalism” and “Social Security” ?

Or was ‘Ali an ally and supporter of the Jews?!

Or had ‘Ali abandoned the Hudud that came from Allah and implemented the law that Allah had never sent down to earth? Or could it be said that he was calling for the destruction of the Khilafah, a crime that could never be forgiven?!

Or had ‘Ali fought against chastity and purity, calling towards women’s “freedom” and letting the women go out freely?!

Or was ‘Ali one of those who split Al-Qur’an into sections (i.e. believing some and kufr towards some)? Those who said: “There is no Islam in politics, and there is no politics in Islam”?!

Indeed, Imam ‘Ali RA had never done all those wrongs at all. But he was the very one who wanted to apply Allah’s law the most and rule with Allah’s Book, as well as the sunnah of His Messenger (SAW). Then in this case, there is no doubt that someone who rebel against Al Imaam Al ‘Adil, is truly a Khawarij.

Just as for someone who had done all the evils we have just mentioned – then someone who rebel against the ruler (who does not implement Islamic law) then he is not a Khawarij; but a Muslim, a Mu’meen, a Muttaqi (one with taqwa).

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Anonymous said...

How about the position of Ahlus Sunnah that claim obedience to the ruler whether he be birr or faajir? You've conveniently sidestepped this important point.
Moreover, by your skewed rationale, if it was taken to its ultimate conclusion, Ibn Abbaas and Ibn 'Umar were not "Muslim, a Mu'meen, a Muttaqi" for swearing allegiance to Hajaaj bin Yusuf after he slaughtered the Khaleefah Abdullah ibn Zubair.
How about those who gave their unconditional allegiance to ibn Ash-at?
This is something you have to contend with; but your methodology will only open up a can of worms.
May Allaah guide you and your ilk.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Well, that rule applies if he is at least implementing the law of Allah (swt). And in no way, does it apply that which you claim that it implies about ibn Abbas and ibn Umar. Furthermore, currently, there's not even a khalifa among us so it's difficult to compare that situation with today's.
And Allah knows best.

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