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Monday, May 24, 2010

Worldchains - An Alternative to Facebook?

A new website called Worldchains has recently been made (after the controversy of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day) by a Pakistani. Even though I just signed up, it seems almost an exact copy of Facebook and might prove to be very successful especially if Facebook is banned in Pakistan forever. However, of course there will be some setbacks of using this, at least in the beginning, because all the contacts that a person could have might not be willing to sign up at this site. It has got a few extra options which might be annoying to many and some options just don't work properly while I can't figure out how to do some of the same stuff which I used to on Facebook but on the whole, it's not bad. Following are the details of this site.
Type: Social Networking Website
Purpose: "Inter-connecting people socially in worldwide"
Rating: "8.5/10"
User friendly: "9/10"
Head office: "Pakistan"
Purpose: "Inter network people socially in worldwide"
WASIF AHMAD +92.3214242421
174 - H, 2nd Floor, DHA
Lahore,Punjab,PK 54000


Domain servers in listed order: 

WASIF AHMAD +92.3214242421
174 - H, 2nd Floor, DHA
Lahore,Punjab,PK 54000

Registration Service Provider:
name: Hostings House 
tel: +92.425748243
fax: +92.425691034
Here is a notice that was recently sent to its members.

Dear members, 

We are receiving many queries regarding the ownership and policies of Worldchains. Worldchains is an online social networking engine which enables you to connect with your friends, families and other connections. Worldchains is purely owned by Muslims community and is a sub-project of "Hostings House" (The Group of Companies). The website is operated and managed in Pakistan. So you don't need to feel insecure and you can set your privacy settings by clicking the "Privacy Options" Under settings link in the top menu. We look forward to solve your issues and provide best services. We are open to collect suggestions from your side.


 Staff Worldchains

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usman nisar said...

welcum .... nice !!!
i want to now ....... we also earn on blogspot .... bcz i want to off from hubpages

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

I told you before. Anyways, I'll email you on how to earn from ads.

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