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Monday, May 17, 2010

Founder claims 'Everyone Draw Mohammed Day' a fiction

The cartoonist, Molly Norris, who claims to have declared May 20 as ‘Everyone Draw Mohammed Day’ has backed out with the argument that it was supposed to be a fictional joke and therefore, she apologises to all the Muslims and asks that this day be called off.

However, instead of it getting cancelled, it’s popularity is growing, both among Muslims and non-Muslims. More non-Muslims are intending to show what they claim to be ‘freedom of speech’ as indicated by the increasing number of members on the facebook event page, not forgetting to mention that there are some who are condemning. This simply shows the intentions of the majority of the kuffar. Even though this was soon to happen, Allah (swt) specifically chose to disgrace Molly Norris by making her take the initiative of the worst crimes in His eyes so that she receives the sins of all those who follow her practice even after she calls it off.

Similarly, more Muslims are responding to such activities and are using this opportunity to propagate the message of Islam as shown by the following video.

A lot of the disbelievers have been surprised at the response of many of the Muslims who claim to be showing their love for the Prophet Muhammad (S). Inshallah, we will prove to them that by committing such blasphemy, they are stepping in a hornet's nest and the that THE DUST OF THIS WILL NEVER SETTLE DOWN!

This is what has been posted on the website of Molly Norris ( followed by an edited version of the original poster to show that it was supposed to be joke:

I did NOT 'declare' May 20 to be "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."
I made a cartoon about the television show South Park being censored.
The cartoon-poster, with a fake 'group' behind it, went viral and was taken seriously.
I never started a facebook page; a stranger did and there is nothing I can do about it.

My one-off cartoon of a fictional poster does not work well as a long-term plan.
The vitriol this 'day' has brought out, of people who only want to draw obscene images,
is offensive to the Muslims who did nothing to endanger our right to expression in the first place. Only Viacom and Revolution Muslim are to blame, so write to them instead!

I apologize to people of Muslim faith and ask that this 'day' be called off.

Thank you to those who are turning this crazy thing into an opportunity for dialogue, education and solutions.


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