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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Allaah grant Osama bin Laden Martyrdom!

The announcement this morning of the death of Sheikh Osama Bin laden has been met with joy in the United States and by other enemies of Islam and Muslims. I would like remind everyone that someone much better and much more significant then Sheikh Osama Bin laden passed away in the past, namely the Messenger Muhammad (saw) and that this never stopped the Jihad nor the spread of Islam to the East and West. Indeed the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that the day of judgement will not come until a group of Muslims conquer the White House.

Muslims will no doubt feel a sense of sadness that a symbol of the struggle of truth against falsehood has gone (may Allah (SWT) grant him paradise insha'allah) however it is the nature of Islam that it is not reliant upon any individual for its inevitable dominance and its incumbent victory over disbelief and against those who yearn to put out the light of Allah (SWT). Verily Islam is superior and will never be surpassed.

To Muslims everywhere and to non-Muslims as well, I remind you that Al-Qaeda is not a group rather it is today a phenomenon of struggle and resistance against the occupation of Muslim land and the defence of Muslim life, honour and property wherever it is being attacked. As such this idea cannot be killed nor assassinated for it lives in the hearts and minds of all Muslims and in the revelation of the Qur'an and the example of the Messenger Muhammad (saw). Indeed the blessed Prophet of Allah said that the Jihad will continue until the day of judgement.

The announcement of the death of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden has also been accompanied today with a reminder of those who died on 9/11 in the twin towers in New York. Let us not forget the many 9/11's perpetrated by the American regime themselves against Muslims before and after 9/11, the torture and abuse of Muslims in Guantanamo bay, Abu Ghuraib and Bagram, the support of the pirate state of Israel and its atrocities against Muslims, the murder of millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last couple of decades, the use of weapons of mass destruction against innocent men, women and children etc... When it comes to mass killing, the US are the experts and do not need lessons from anyone.

Rather than dampening the spirits of those who are today engaged in Jihad physically around the world and who considered Sheikh Osama Bin Laden as their Ameer, his death will merely act as an incentive to prove to the world that the death of anyone will not affect them. Hence in the coming days and weeks we will no doubt see increased activities from the Mujahideen and more intense fighting in the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya etc...
May Allah (SWT) accept Sheikh Osama Bin laden shaheed (martyred) Insha'allah.

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Fatimamk said...

Ameen. May Allah grant him Jannatun Firdaus.

Ehsan khan said...

you said that that prophet saw said 'the day of judgement will not come until a group of Muslims conquer the White House.' have you got any hadith or does it say in the qur'an which shows this? or are you trying to talk about jihad and what the prophet saw message which was to fight for islam till the very end? i hope to hearing from you.


imaduddinsaqib said...

Basically the author was referring to the Hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) said that Islam will dominate the whole world.

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