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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Example of this World

Almost a couple of weeks ago, I walked into an Islamic shop to buy myself an 'atr. The shop had just opened and the man at the counter was a bit busy arranging the stuff and soon after that, he started talking on the phone so I thought that I'd just go to the books section and check out if there were any new books.
As I was looking at the books there, my eyes fell on a book which previously was only kept sealed even though there were many copies of it. However, now there was an unsealed copy of it which I assumed must have been put as a sample so that the interested customers could have a better look at it. It was the Risala-e-Nur collection by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. I'd heard a lot about it before and now since I had a chance, I thought I'd just read it a bit.
So I opened it. I'm not sure which book from that collection it was but it was the sixth word in that book. It explained the example of a believer and a disbeliever in an extraordinary way, an example which I'd never even thought of. I'll just write it from whatever I remember and supplement it with my own words, inshallah.

The example of a human being is like some property or land that an owner gives to his employee and no tax or recompense is taken from him for that. However, when the time of war or the time of drought or the time of economic recession comes, this owner tells his employee to lend him back his land even though it is actually his own land. The owner will take care of the land himself and save it from the hardship that has befallen. Moreover, when this hardship finishes, the employee will be given back his land along with all the profits that the owner has made possible. On the other hand, if this employee declines this offer, he will have to face multiple disadvantages. He will have to bear the losses during this hardship. Then when he goes back to the owner, he will be punished because of the bad situation of the land.
Similar is the example of a believer and a disbeliever. When the believer enters this world of fitan (trials and tribulations) and he is given the property of his body, land etc., he hands over his property to Allaah Azzawajal (the owner of this property) by obeying His commands and submitting to His Will and so when the world of fitan (trials and tribulations) finishes and he goes back to his owner, his Rabb and his Lord, he is handed over all the profits and is given back the property in a better condition in Jannah. Therefore, he has truly succeeded. 
However, when the disbeliever, after trying his best to succeed and gain the profits by countering these fitan (trials and tribulations) with his own techniques, returns to his Lord and Rabb, he finds that he was actually in loss because neither had he been able to handle the period of hardship in such a way so as to gain himself profits nor had he given the property back to the owner to manage it for him. So when he meets his Lord and Rabb, along with all the losses that he had fell into, He is further punished and so neither did he succeed here nor there.

I tried my best to give you a slight image of what the example was. However, in the original book, it was much more beautiful. Here is the download link for the Risala-e-Nur collection:
As I mentioned, you'll have to look up yourself which book it was in. However, I'm sure the other books will also be beneficial, inshallah.

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