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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will We Continue?

Around this time each year, a feeling of ‘sadness’ clouds our hearts...We feel sad because we wonder if we’ll ever continue being this spiritual and close to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) as we were during Ramadan.  Our past experiences have shown that we always fail to keep up after Ramadan, so what can we do?!

There is a video which was recently received which discusses 6 tips to help you solve this problem (
Watch it below), but here’s one important idea which wasn't mentioned in the video:
Normally, one of the big reasons why we ‘fall’ after Ramadan is that we lose self-discipline. We’ve this false idea in our mind that “It’s Eid! Do whatever you want!” (even though we don’t say this, but our actions say it!)

One of the best ways to fight this is to instil discipline in your life from day 1 of Eid. And here’s a quick way of doing this: From day 1 of Eid, make sure you wake up early and stay up those early hours of the morning. Occupy these precious hours with either reading quietly, doing some housekeeping tasks or even taking your children to the park/sea-side for a nice picnic.

By this ONE simple act of waking up early (Fajr at least) and staying up in those early hours you’ll be installing self-discipline in your life which will radiate in the rest of your day/actions. Also, by this one simple act, you’ll be setting yourself up to a productive and healthy post Ramadan lifestyle that’s going to help you throughout the year inshaAllah.

Try it this year!

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