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Monday, September 6, 2010

One Strong Push, inshallah!

The best athletes are those who finish strong and in Islam we’re taught that Deeds are judged by their endings. Just give Ramadan one last STRONG Push please! The next 5 days should be the most productive spiritually for you! Here is a practical tip for those of you who are busy during the day and can’t do full i’tikaaf at the masjid:

Try to spend your nights at the Masjid:

 If you used to go for isha and taraweeh and coming out of the masjid then back for tahajjud, how about spending the time from isha to tahajjud in the Masjid? Or even better Isha to Fajr! Make the Niyyah for I’tikaaf. 

If you’ve a busy work day next morning, take short naps at the masjid between taraweeh and tahajjud and tahajjud and Fajr, and you’ll be fine next day (trust me!). (Also, you might want to bring in some dates for suhoor).

Spending the time in the Masjid will guarantee that you don’t become lazy to give these last nights the push they need and help you make the most of them inshaAllah!

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