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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Move Forward with your Dreams

You’ve just had an amazing ‘Productive’ Ramadan, you feel completely buzzed, and want to continue this feeling after what?!

With Ramadan almost over, many of us begin drifting back into our daily routines, 
perhaps letting go of some of the habits we picked up this blessed month.

Till today, this was an individual challenge; you had to figure out on your own how to continue the Ramadan spirit after Ramadan. Unfortunately, these individual efforts usually fail miserably as they don’t have structure to them and their isn’t a support network to help you. That was till today. 

What if you could maintain the Ramadan spirit throughout the year?
Though it is sad to see it go, it's time to strengthen those habits and make them a part of our lifestyle throughout the year. 

Our friends at DiscoverU have put together a special 10 days Post Ramadan course,conducted by Muhammad Alshareef to help you stay Productive and ‘buzzed’ after Ramadan. 

Here’s why we like it:

practical: The course is packed with actions & to-dos.
2. It’s 
extensive: This is a 10 day course, not a one-off talk or webinar.
3. It’s 
ONLINE: So anyone from anywhere can take part in it.

The course is only for $197 (or with 2 instalments of $98.50 each). I know this might sound expensive (and even unconventional to get charged for an Islamic course), but honestly, how much would you pay to get professional help to stay ‘buzzed’ and ‘productive’ after Ramadan?! Think of the benefits. 

So, if you’ve been rattling your brains about how you can stay Productive after Ramadan sign up to BringIT! today and stay Productive!

With Bring It! 2.0 Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef will assist you to move beyond the
Ramadan blues. 
Bring It! 2.0 will focus on some of the most important topics in our life, including
time management, finances, family/spouse relationships, spirituality and so much more.

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