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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A couple more bans by the UK

Dr Bilal Philips Banned from the UK

(by Dr. Bilal Philips)

Well, the inevitable finally happened. At least the British Home Secretary called Dr Naik in Mumbai prior to his trip and told him not to come. I arrived to London this Saturday morning, 19 June, at 8am only to denied entry and put back on a plane at 11am back to Doha!!! So, I was unable to attend the Qur’aan conference on the 20th as planned!!! Sorry to all who attended the conference expecting to hear from me or see me. Even the conference was harassed by the British National Party and had to change their venue at the last moment. And Allah is the best Protector and disposer of our affairs.

Al Kawthar Lecturers Banned

Local alkauthar teacher Sh. Bilal Ismail (Madeenah University Graduate) was denied visa for UK last month. Al-Kawthar courses in UK are now being handed over to UK based instructors like Sh. Abu Abdis Salaam and others.
This is a very silly policy on the part of the UK, as it is we who are enlightening Muslims to the true teachings of Islam to warn them away from extremism and terrorism in the name of Islam. When they ban us, they leave a vacuum which the extremists will fill using what has happened to us as proof of the UK’s evil intent towards the Muslim community.
However, it is all good in the end for Allah will complete His guidance despite their hatred of it. As one of my students said, “Dr Zakir Naik and Peace TV will be the most googled items in the UK these days” – good publicity.
It is clear that the goal is to counter or stop the spread of Islamic awareness in general in the West. Their hopes for assimilation of Muslims are being dashed with the current Islamic awakening. Muslims will remain distinct, and not absorbed like all the other cultures which came and were conquered by the western globalized culture. It is an extension of the Clash of Civilizations concept which I developed in my book by that name.
It is part of the strategy that they prevent clarity from moderate external speakers and justify it with the internal extremists whom they allow to function. The clampdown all over Europe using the niqaab as the rallying point is all part of the bigger plan. But Islam cannot be defeated, it will prevail, as it is THE TRUE RELIGION OF GOD.

Taken from Dr. Bilal Philips' blog

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