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Monday, October 19, 2009

Studying Seerah, the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (S)

I recently found a very good series of Seerah lectures by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki and I would recommend everyone to read it. The main source of it is Ibn Kathir. However, only authentic seerah sources have been taken by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki.

I have included links for the lectures later on. However, please note that in the low quality Makkan period, CD 16 is missing. The reason is that CD 16 was given on the website as a duplicate of CD 15 and CD 16 was given in CD 17. Actually, Makkan period has only 16 CDs so you can rename the CD 17 file to CD 16 and you’re done.

You can also get some information on the importance of studying Seerah at

An easy way to download them in one go is to use a download manager such as flashget and download all files from this page containing the mp3 extension. Then delete the low/better quality one according to the one you want

Low Quality

Makkan Period

Madinan Period Volume 1

Madinan Period Volume 2

Better Quality

Makkan Period

01(16) - Introduction.mp3

02(16) - Background History.mp3

03(16) - The Religious Situation Of Pre-Islamic Arabia.mp3

04(16) - Early Life.mp3

05(16) - Important Events.mp3

06(16) - In Pursuit Of The Truth.mp3

07(16) - The Glad Tidings.mp3

08(16) - The Revelation.mp3

09(16) - The Reaction Part 1.mp3

10(16) - The Reaction Part 2.mp3

11(16) - The Early Immigrants Part 1.mp3

12(16) - The Early Immigrants Part 2.mp3

13(16) - Major Events.mp3

14(16) - The Later Years Of Makkah.mp3

15(16) - In Search Of A Base.mp3

16(16) - The Road To Madinah.mp3

Madinan Period Volume 1

01(18) - Introduction & Hijarah.mp3

02(18) - Establishment Of The State 1.mp3

03(18) - Establishment Of The State 2.mp3

04(18) - Establishment Of The State 3.mp3

05(18) - Battle Of Badr 1.mp3

06(18) - Battle Of Badr 2.mp3

07(18) - Battle Of Badr 3.mp3

08(18) - Events Between Badr & Uhud.mp3

09(18) - Battle Of Uhud 1.mp3

10(18) - Battle Of Uhud 2.mp3

11(18) - Battle Of Uhud 3.mp3

12(18) - Battle Of Uhud 4.mp3

13(18) - Battle Of Uhud 5.mp3

14(18) - Events Between ... 1.mp3

15(18) - Events Between ... 2.mp3

16(18) - Banu Al-Mustalaq - Battle Of The Trench.mp3

17(18) - Battle Of The Trench.mp3

18(18) - Banu Quraydah.mp3

Madinan Period Volume 2

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