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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beware of Fabricated Ahadith

Kadhaab (Liar)
a person who tells lies.

To concoct in order to deceive.

I remember listening to a lecture by Shaykh Salem Al Amry and one sentence stood out to me more so than others, he beautifully said "This is the only Ummah that has a direct link to their Prophet." ()

The link is the chain of narrators in a hadith which is called 'isnad' in Arabic. The Sciences of hadith is amazing! Hadith or the sayings and actions of the Beloved Prophet() are reported from the Companions(May Allah be pleased with them), the tabi'een(pious predecessors) and recorded in the various books of hadith such as Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmed, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, An Nasa'i, Abu Dawood and so on. As Muslims, we do not accept any hadith unless it has been authenticated. So how is hadith authenticated? The important component that scholars of hadith study is the 'isnad' or chain of narrators. For example if a Companion was told/ heard something directly from the Prophet() and then told it to another companion and then to another and then to another and then another companion transmitted it to their students until a chain of narrators is established. Now in order for a hadith to be trusted and accepted, the religious commitment and character of the narrator is investigated as well as if the narrator is truthful in what he/she is saying and that he/she understands what they are saying. If the narrators in the chain are found out to be of moral excellence and of sound Deen, the hadith is accepted if on the other hand in the chain a liar is found the hadith is classified as unreliable and thus rejected. That is not all. Hadith is graded depending on their reliability; Sahih(sound), Hasan(good), Da'if(weak) and Maudu'(Fabricated). Sahih Hadiths are found in the books of Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al Bukhari and Muslim Ibn Hajjaj.

To intentionally lie about the Noble Prophet() is a grievous sin and the Prophet() said about those who lie about him:

"He who tells a lie on me intentionally, let him take his seat in the Hellfire" [Al Bukhari Volume 1, No 107]

Below is a selection of fabricated Ahadith from Shaykh Faisal's Book "100 Fabricated Hadiths".

1. 'Seek knowledge even as far as China.'

Related by Ibn Adee 2/207 and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee Ibn Hibban.
Seeking knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim. A person who takes the Shahadah and yet does not know what it means cannot be considered a Muslim. There are many ayahs and authentic narrations of the Holy Prophet(
) encouraging us to acquire knowledge:

Surah Ta Ha verse 114:

"...And say my Lord increase me in knowledge.."

Surah Az Zumar verse 9:

"Say are they in equal in dignity those who know and those who do not know."

Surah Mujadilah verse 11:

"Allah has raised two sets of people to high levels of honour, dignity and prestige, the true believers and those who are firmly grounded in knowledge."

The Holy Prophet(
) said: "Whenever Allah wants good for a person He gives him or her understanding of the Deen."
[Sahih Al Bukhari vol. 1, p.61, No. 71]

The Holy Prophet(
) also said:"This dunya is cursed, and everything in it is cursed except three things:
1.The remembrance of Allah and what causes you to remember Allah.
2. A scholar of Islam.
3.Or a student of that scholar."
[Related by At Tirmidhi Vol. 4, p.2322, graded Hasan]

'There is no good in black people; when they are hungry they steal and when their stomach is full they commit zina. However they have two noble characteristics, which are generousity to their guests and perseverance at times of hardship.'

Related by At Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Imam Bukhari and Ibn Jawzee. This is detrimental to the brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam because they create a feeling of nationalism and racism which is unbelief.

Ibn-ul-Qayyim al Jawzia said all ahadith cursing black people are fabricated. Bilal(
) The Muathin of the Prophet() was black and the Prophet() said "Bilal is from my household."

If black people do not have any good in them, how was it possible for Bilal(
) to be promised Paradise by the Noble Prophet()?

"To love your country is Iman."

Classified fabricated by Saghaani.

This fabricated khabar promotes nationalism. At present nationalism is a cancer in the body of the ummah, which stunts spiritual and economic growth of the ummah. This fabricated khabar causes Muslims to call themselves British Muslim, Pakistani Muslim, Indian Muslim, etc. they see themselves as Indian first and Muslim last.

These expressions enhance prejudices and deviations among the believers. The only time a country is worth loving is when Shari'ah is being implemented in that country to the fullest. Hence we love and hate only for Allah's sake.

'Verily for everything there is a heart, and the heart of the Qur'an is Surah Yaa-Sin, he who reads it once will have the reward of reading the Qur'an ten times.'

Related by ad-Daarimee 2/456 and classified fabricated by Abee Haatim.

There is another weak Hadith that says: "Recite Surah Yaa-Sin over your dead"- this khabar was classified weak by Ad Daar Qutnee. Howver it is permissible to pray Salaatul Janazah over a person who is already inside the grave. Standing by the grave of the deceased while praying over him or her is also permissible, but this can lead to shirk.

'If the Arabs should become degraded, then Islam would become degraded too.'

Related by Abu Na'eem and classified fabricated by Abee Haatim. The above hadith gives the impression that Islam needs the Arabs and thus it depends solely on them for it to spread. However this is not the case. Islam doesn't need people, it's the people who need Islam. The reason for this is because Allah is the Revealer and Protector of Al Islam, hence He, Allah said:

Surah Al Hijr verse 9:

"Verily We have revealed it and We are the Divine protectors of it."

The Jews were chosen to propagate Allah's Message and they failed miserably Allah cursed them and replaced them with the Prophet(
) because the Prophet() was an Arab.

Surah Al Mai'dah verse 54:

"O You who believe! Whosoever from amongst you apostates from his religion(Islam) Allah will bring a people Whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers and stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the way of Allah and never fear the blame of the blamer. That is the grace of Allah which He bestows on Whom He wills."

'The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr.'

Related by Khateeb in The History of Baghdad 2/193. He also said it was a fabricated hadith.

The above-mentioned fabricated hadith gives preference to the method of da'wah over jihad for spreading Islam. However, the best method for spreading Islam is jihad and not da'wah. Thus the Holy Prophet(
) spent thirteen years in Makkah giving da'wah and only approximately one hundred people embraced Islam. But when he() entered Makkah with military might and Shawka (power) two thousand took their Shahadah in one day.

The Mujahideen conquer lands and save the entire populace from entering Hell-fire by delivering Islam to them. This accomplishment is much greater than what books can do.

Also this fabricated hadith contradicts the Holy Qur'an:

Surah An Nisa verse 95:

"Not equal are those of the believers who sit at home(except those who are disabled by injury or are blind or lame), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit at home."

'The Holy Prophet was once returning from a battle with his companions and he turned to them and said "We have returned from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad (Jihad un Nafs -Jihad al Akbar i.e to fight against your evil desires is the greatest."

Related by Bayhaqi and classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar who said this khabar is not a saying of the Holy Prophet(
) but instead of a man by the name of Ibrahim Ibn Abee Ablah.

This hadith is frequently quoted by cowards who do not want to die for Allah. In this regards Allah says:

Surah Al Baqarah 216:

"Fighting is prescribed for you and you hate it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and you may like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not."

In regards to jihad and its importance the Holy Prophet(
) said "He who died and didn't do jihad and didn't make the intention to do jihad; died on a branch of hypocrisy."
[Sahih Muslim, Vol. 3, p.1057, No. 4606]

Conversation in the Masjid eats up good deeds the way animals consume grass.'

This was related by Al Haafidh al Iraqi who said it was a fabricated Hadith. Abdul Wahhaab As Subki in the book Tabaqaat As Shaafi'ia (Vol. 4, p.145) said this Hadith is devoid of an isnad i.e an authentic chain of transmitters.

It is permissible for Muslims to converse in the mosque providing the conversation does not include backbiting , slandering, tale-bearing, ridiculing, kufr, shirk and deviation from Qur'an and Sunnah.

'I am a city of knowledge and Ali() by which you pass to obtain that knowledge.'

Related by Al Haakim 3/126 and classified fabricated by Imam Bukhari.

This fabricated hadith is famous among the Shi'ites who exaggerate in their love for Ali Ibn Abi Talib (
). They concocted their man-made religion on the foundations of insulting the companions of the Prophet() especially Abu Bakr() and Umar (). The Holy Prophet() said:"Do not insult any of my Sahabaahs because if you should spend as much as Mount Uhud in gold it will never measure up to the sacrifice of the Sahaabahs not even half of it i.e their sacrifice."
[Sahih Al Bukhari Vol.5, p.17, No. 22]

The Shi'ites pronounce Abu Bakr (
), Umar () and Uthman() as Kafirs. They do not realise that when they insult these noble companions they are actually insulting the Holy Prophet() because they were his() closest companions. Hence to insult them means the Prophet() had kafirs for his companions!! More dangerous than that , to insult the Sahaabah is to insult Allah, because this means Allah saw His Messenger()
choosing hypocrites and kafirs for his(
)companions and Allah didn't send Angel Jibreel(Gabriel) (Peace be upon him) to correct him. So Allah let His Prophet() down. Audhu'Billah!

Likewise when they assassinate the character of the Sahaabahs we cast doubts on Islam because they were the ones who taught us our Deen.

The reasons the Shi'ites are so treacherous to Islam and Muslims is because this movement was started by a Jew of Yemeni origin called Abdullah Ibn Saba. Concerning Jews Allah says:

Surah Al Mai'dah verse 82:

"You shall find that those who hate you the Muslims most be Jews and the polytheists (i.e Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Atheist, etc.)."

Their (Shi'ite) claim to love Ali (
) is false, if they had loved him they would have followed him. Ali() gave his bay'ah(allegiance) to all three Caliphs before him. He() even married his daughter Umm Kulthum() to Umar().

'My companions are like the stars in the sky whichever one you follow you shall be guided.'

Related by ibn Hazm in Ihkaam 6/82 who said a liar was found in the isnad called Salam Ibn Sulayman.

The companions of the Prophet(
) were humans like us; hence they were not infallible. Infallibility was exclusive to the Prophet(), Allah said;

Surah An Najm verses 3-4:

"And he(Muhammad) does not speak from his desire but instead he speaks from a divine revelation which is revealed unto him."

Therefore the Prophet(
) was infallible in issues connected to the deen. As for the Sahaabah they were not infallible as this fabricated hadith is suggesting. Ibn Abbas () is reported to have said that donkey meat is halaal. According to Usool Ul Fiqh we follow the Sahaabahs whenever one makes a statement and the rest of them received his verdict with acceptance. And if they should differ on an issue we follow the opinon closest to the Qur'an and the Sunnah. We are obliged to follow the Sunnah of the four rightly guided Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali(RadiAllahu anhum).

'If it weren't for women Allah would be worshipped properly.'

Related by Ibn Adee (Vol. 1, p. 312). A man was found in the chain of transmitters by the name of Abdur Rahim Ibn Zaid who the scholars deemed a liar and a khabeeth (scum),

This fabricated hadith is repulsive, and it's against the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood. It enhances male chauvinism which is a form of kufr. The great contributions made by women towards the spread of Islam are sufficient to refute this hadith. Thus the first person to take the Shahadah was a woman, Khadijah(radhiAllahu anha), the wife of the Holy Prophet(

Narrated 'Ai'shah(RadhiAllahu anha) said: "I did not feel jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet(
) as much as i did Khadijah (radiAllahu anha) (although) she died (three) years before he() married me, for i often heard him mentioning her, and Allah told him() to give her good tidings that she would have a palace of Qasab (i.e pipes of precious stones and pearls in Paradise)."
[Sahih Al Bukhari Vol. 5, p.103,No. 164]

Khadijah(RadhiAllah anhu) was given glad tidings of Paradise by Allah because she was a great source of help for Islam and the Prophet(
). Hence she believed in him when others rejected him. She stood by him() when others abandoned him. She assisted him() by spending all her wealth in the path of Allah. When Allah send Angel Jibreel to reveal the Holy Qur'an to the Prophet() in the cave of Hira, the Prophet() was overwhelmed with fright and fear because this experience was unprecedented in his() life. Thus he () rushed home to his wife Khadijah(radhiAllahu anha) trembling and said to her "cover me, cover me," which she did. Soon after he described to Khadijah(radhiAllahu anha) what took place with him in the cave of Hira.

Having heard what he (
) had to say she comforted him saying: "Nay! By Allah never will you be disgraced by your Lord. You bring back the torn families together, and you do not break family ties, you are generous to your guests, you help the feeble and the poor, you stand in support of the truth.
[Al Bidayaa Wan-Nihaaya, Vol. 3, p.3]

When the revealation came to the Prophet(
) for the first time and was overwhelmed with fright and fear, he() needed spiritual and psychological and emotional support from those who were closest to him(). Khadijah(radhiAllahu anha) gave this support to the prophet() and this is the reason he() used to mention her very often in the company of 'Ai'shah(radhiAllahu anha).

Not only was a women the first to take Shahadah but the first person to die for Islam was also a woman Sumayyah(radhiAllahu anha). She was slain by Abu Jahl when she refused to renounce Islam.

Likewise the greatest scholar of Islam was 'Ai'shah(radhiAllahu anha).

The four special women of Paradise are :

1.Maryam the mother of 'Isa(Peace be upon him).

2.Asiyah the wife of Pharaoh.
3.Khadijah the wife of the Prophet(
4.Fatimah the daughter of the Prophet(

The rest of the fabricated ahadith can be read here.

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