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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Physical Benefits of Salah

Normally, when a person stands erect and the blood is being pumped from the heart to the brain. However, the amount of blood is insufficient for a healthy brain. So when a person does the sajda/prostration, extra blood flows into the brain and increasing the amount of blood going to the brain to a sufficient amount. When we do Sujud (prostrations), sinuses get drained resulting in less chances of a person catching sinusitis.

When a perosn breathes, 2/3 of his lungs' capacity is utilised and while prostrating, the remaining 1/3 part is also utilised. Due to this, the chances of lung diseases decrease. When a person prostrates, there is drainage of the secreted material of the bronchiole, decreasing the chances of bronchitis.

Please keep in mind that Muslims do not offer salat for the physical benefits but foe the spiritual benefits. These physical benefits are just a bonus given by Allah.

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