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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lecture Series: Tips on how to learn Quranic Arabic quickly and easily

Assalamu Alaikum.
Almost 4 months to go before Ramadan starts.
We do want to understand the Taraweeh prayers this year, right?
Of course we do.
So, for those who had promised themselves that they were going to learn some Arabic before Ramadan, here's a lecture series that provides some practical tips:
Tips on how to learn Quranic Arabic quickly and easily by Brother Mamdouh Mohamed
Part 1 (Download)
Part 2 (Download)
Part 3 (Download)
Part 4 (Download)

By the way, some people might be wondering that it's too early to start preparing for Ramadan. Well, listen to this:
The Salaf (pious predecessors) used to start preparation for Ramadan 6 months before and the remaining 5 months after Ramadan, they would be praying to Allaah Azzawajal to accept their worship of Ramadan.
And you're already late if you're competing with the Salaf!

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