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Friday, March 25, 2011

Who burnt the Quran? Us or them?

It's not even a bit uncommon among Muslims that if you went to their houses and they made you sit in their drawing rooms, you would see a book wrapped in the best of cloths sitting at the top of the tallest shelf there. If you were to ask them what it was they would say 'That's the Qur'an, the best of books, the book of Allaah Azzawajal. We respect it so much that we've put it as high as we can.'

Let me give you my own introduction of this book first.
This was the book that was sent down to the most ignorant of people, the Arabs, a people whom the superpowers of that time didn't want to rule over because of their ignorance. 
What did it do to them?
It transformed them to the extent that they became the rulers of more than half of this world in about 20 years after the completion of this book and these ignorant people became the world's most ideal people.

We say that this book was revealed by Allaah Azzawajal and we love it from the bottom of our hearts, more than we could ever love any other book. Yet, what do we do when it gets insulted and a Christian priest burns it? Nothing. Just a few protests? We come out on the streets, break our own banks' windows, burn our own shops and destroy our own things?

Why is that so? That's because we've already been burning the Quran ourselves or doing something even worse, abandoning it. How? By not following it. Most of the non-Arab Muslims don't even know how to read it. Worse still, the majority of those who know how to read, from amongst the non-Arabs, don't even know what they're reading. Is that what the Qur'an was for?
Of course not! The Quran was for practicing but we've abandoned it. We still claim that we respect it but what kind of respect is this? Is the implementation of the Qur'an in the lives of the kuffaar any more than it's implementation in our lives? Do you not think that we will be asked by Allaah Azzawajal on that day, the day when there will be no shade except the shade of the throne of Allaah Azzawajal and the day when the people will be like scattered moths, that where were we, WHERE WERE WE WHEN ALL THIS WAS HAPPENING? WERE WE ALSO WITH THEM, ABANDONING THE BOOK OF ALLAAH?

Long gone has the time in which the recitation of the Qur'an would be heard from the houses of the Muslims! Long gone has the time in which the first words on the tongue of a Muslim child would be the Qur'an! Long gone has the time in which all the individual and collective problems of the problems would be solved from the Qur'an! Long gone has the time in which all decisions in the courts were made according to the Qur'an! Long gone has the time when mothers would send their children to Quran classes! Long gone has the time in which the knowledge of the Qur'an used to be thought of as the best!
Instead what has replaced it all. Songs and music? Worse still, man made laws. 
We do hire a Qur'an tutor for our children but what do we tell him? Don't take more than half an hour. The child's got a lot of homework from school, the centre of worldly knowledge, but what do we tell the science tutor? Don't take less than 2 hours, the child's got a test tomorrow and we don't want him to fail. Which test is greater, the science test or the test of the hereafter? The test of the hereafter has already started!
When the Quran tutor comes, we tell him to finish his teaching in 5 minutes or in as little time as possible and yet when the science tutor decreases his teaching time by 5 minutes, we start scolding him and threaten him that we're going to decrease his salary!

Then we hold up our hands in prayer asking for all the stuff we want saying that Allaah is the one who answers everything but do we really expect our prayers to be answered and for Allaah Azzawajal to be pleased with us? By Allaah, our prayers will NEVER EVER get answered as long as we continue this degradation of the Qur'an!
And then we go on and beg the idol that we associate with Allaah, the superpower of the world, the USA, for help!
We hope to get victory as Allaah Azzawajal promised it to the Muslims but will we ever get it in this situation? Mark my words! Never ever will we succeed the way we're going now!

Where are the mothers that brought up Salaahuddeen Ayyubi? Where are the mothers that brought up Nooruddeen Zangi? Where are the mothers that brought up Saifuddeen Qutuz? Where are the mothers that brought up Ibn Tamiyyah and Ibn Mubarak? Where are the mothers that brought up Talha and Zubair? Where are the mothers that brought up Umar and Khalid? Where are those whose eyes fill with tears and their hearts fill with terror on hearing the recitation of the Qur'an? Where are those who eyes are void of sleep due to the fear of Allaah Azzawajal? Where are those who claim to love Allaah Azzawajal and His messenger and are prepared to die for His cause? Where are those who claim to be Muslims? Where are they at the time when the Qur'an is being burnt and the cartoons of their Prophet being made?

'Why is it that when you are told to march for the cause of Allaah, you seem to linger at home. Have you given preference to the worldly life over the life of the hereafter? The worldly gains compared to those of the next life are but very little.
If you do not march for His cause, He will afflict you with a painful punishment and replace you by another nation and your (destruction) will not harm Him at all. God has power over all things.' (The Quran; 9:38-39)

Are we not afflicted by the worst of punishments in this world, the punishment of humiliation? Can we expect ourselves to get a better reward in the next life after doing all this and still not repenting?

The kuffaar cannot erase the Qur'an and they cannot lower the rank of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) and they know it! They know that they might be able to burn 10,000 copies of the Quran but they will never be able to erase it from the hearts of the Huffaaz! They just want to test how much Imaan is in us. And that's exactly what Allaah Azzawajal wants! He wants to test us to see who will remain loyal to Him and who will turn back on his heels!

'Do people think they will not be tested because they say, "We have faith?"
We had certainly tried those who lived before them to make sure who were truthful in their faith and who were liars.
Do the evil-doers think they can escape Us? How terrible is their judgment?' (The Qur'an; 29:2-4)

Even if most of us turn back and that is exactly what has happened, the loyal ones will never be defeated. They will always be victorious!

'If you do not help him, (Muhammad), Allaah has already helped him. When the unbelievers expelled him and he was one of the two people in the cave telling his friend, "Do not worry; Allaah is with us," then Allaah gave him confidence and supported him with an army which you did not see and He defeated the cause of the disbelievers and made His own cause stand supreme. Allaah is Majestic and All-wise.' (The Quran; 9:40)

The winner will be the one who becomes the source through which Allaah Azzawajal finishes off His enemies not the one who sits at home following not a single Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be on him) for verily, falsehood is bound to perish just as it perished after the advent of Islam 1400 years back.

But what do we do? We protest and we organize rallies! Ya Muslimeen! Do you not understand that this protesting is the methodology of the cowards? Do you not understand that this is the easy and useless way out? Our leaders join us in this but do you seriously think that this protesting will stop this rubbish? What more will we get other than an apology and then the same stuff happening again? Do we except our enemies to hand us those who attempted such a thing for execution or execute them themselves? Is there any government who can challenge the governments of such people and threaten them with their aircrafts and missiles? Is there anyone who can show them a living Qur'an? A Qur'an which attacks when it is insulted or when it's leader, the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him), is insulted! A Qur'an which defends the honor of the Muslims and protects them!
Verily, the one who tries to implement this and make himself Shaytaan-proof will know how hard it is!

'Is it not time for the hearts of the believers to become humbled by the remembrance of Allaah and by the Truth which has been revealed so that they will not be like the followers of the Bible who lived before them and whose hearts have become hard like stone through the long years. Many of them are evil doers.' (The Quran; 57:16)

And surely if you try this, you will find yourself being attacked from all sides because we cannot even tolerate the beard of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be on him), his appearance or the appearance of his companions! Salaah, which was the coolness of the eyes of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessing be upon him), has become the irritation of our eyes! We cannot tolerate anything Islamic! 
But if you, o strange believer, persist on your path, you will never be forsaken! Remember that the one whose pleasure is to be sought is Allaah Azzawajal and no one else!

'Who is he besides the Most Gracious that can be an army to you to help you? The disbelievers are in nothing but delusion!' (The Quran 67:20)

And you will be faced by the severest of tests and if you succeed in that, you will get what no eye has ever seen, what no ear has heard and what no brain has ever thought of, Jannah and the pleasure of Allaah Azzawajal! And you will notice that whenever your hands go up for something, they never return except that Allaah Azzawajal gives you what you want or gives you something better than what you wanted! Tell those who mock you to dream on for surely they will never succeed!

'When they are told to believe as everyone else does, they say, "Should we believe as fools do?" In fact, they themselves are fools, but they do not know it.
To the believers they declare belief and, in secret to their own devils, they say, "We were only mocking".
Allaah mocks them and gives them time to continue blindly in their transgressions.
They have traded guidance for error, but their bargain has had no profit and they have missed the true guidance. ' (The Quran 2:13-16)

'Those who persecute the believing men and women without repenting will suffer the torment of hell and that of the burning fire.
As for the righteously striving believers, they will live in Paradise wherein streams flow. This is the greatest triumph.' (The Quran 85:10-11)

And if we do this then BEWARE! Surely, there will be even worse days to come and we will be responsible for them!

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