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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dealing with Pornography

A lot of organisations/individuals on the web are taking part in a large scale online dawah initiative called "Purify Your Gaze", which is addressing the issue of pornography addiction in the Muslim community.

To learn more about this initiative, please visit:

Just incase you are hearing about this for the first time, we don't want you to miss the videos there (they are awesome masha'Allah!):

** Video #1 ** Porn on the Masjid: Tackling the elephant in our lives

** Video #2 ** A Muslim brothers shares how he broke free from a 24 year pornogrpahy addiction!

** Video #3 ** Scientifically proven steps to purify your gaze! Permanent progress, not just temporary results

** Video #4 ** Purify Your Gaze Program - What it is and How to get started

Also, please help us gather data on the seriousness of this issue, take a few minutes to complete an online survey:

Help raise awareness and spread the links inshaAllah, you may be the one to turn a person's life around.

Note: Purify Your Gaze Program Registration Opening Monday, 12/06/10 At 12pm EST in sha Allah

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