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Monday, July 12, 2010

Recently, a new website has been made by the Alim Foundation (formerly ISL Software Corporation). For those of you who have used the Alim software, it is almost an online version of the software with a few extra features. The site can be accessed at
The services on this site are of no charge as opposed to the Alim software. Currently, it is in beta (development) version.
The main features available are various translations of the Quran, a few Hadith books along with some other extra features (such as narrator's list etc.), stories of the Prophets, biographies of the Sahaba, Islamic History and much more. Moreover, users can comment to ask or convey information which they think might be missing.
Following are the details that have been provided by the softwarehouse along with a search box for that site.. Note that since I copied it from their site, 'our' and other such pronouns refer to their softwarehouse.

About Us

    Our Vision

    Alim Foundation shall be the leading provider of most beneficial Islamic knowledge and services through advanced & cutting edge technology inshaAllah.

    Our Mission

    Alhamdolillah, the mission of the Alim Foundation / is, to:
    1. Launch the creation of diverse Islamic knowledge to anyone who can tie it to classical sources: Al-Qur’an and Ahadith
    2. a.   Expand the understanding of Al-Qur’an and Ahadith beyond a privileged class
      b.   Foster distribution of smallest enhancements of authoritative knowledge to a broader audience.
    3. Create an online social network for thinking Muslims who care about Islamic knowledge and not Islamic conjecture
    4. a.   Give Muslims a way to trust in their own knowledge by allowing them to share their beliefs with other Muslims that have similar knowledge.
      b.   Help foster the idea that Imam’s knowledge can be complemented and enhanced by fellow Muslims.
    5. Provide technology and professional services to organizations that serve Islam & Muslims
    6. a.   Connect organizational guidance and documents to classical Islamic sources
      b.   Enable Muslim organizations to share their content and people with each other
      c.   Allow Muslims organizations to thrive through the use of modern technologies without needing more money

    Our Brief History

    The ISL Software Corporation, predecessor to Alim Foundation / was founded on May 9, 1986 by Shahid N. Shah and Amir Jafri in Houston, Texas. Neither of the two founders had finished their first college degrees before they embarked on their journey to promote the learning of Islam using advancements in computer technology. Shahid was in his senior year in high school and Amir was in his sophomore year in college. Through personal experiences, Amir and Shahid felt the need to enhance the way Islamic subject matter was propagated. With Amir's creativity and Shahid's ingenuity, they began developing a computer program to electronically store and manage such a surplus of information. Armed with this mandate and with financial assistance from the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) and family members, they started work on a program called The Hafiz. The Hafiz was never released but was the predecessor to the now famous Alim Islamic software. Between 1986 and 1991 ISL also provided software development and consulting services to corporations including Fortune 500 companies. In 1995 ISL moved all day-to-day operations to Silver Spring, Maryland.
    In 1991 ISL Software launched the first version of The Alim. The Alim revolutionized the Islamic software industry. It was the first software program to combine the powers of Qur’anic translations, commentaries, extensive subjects database, and a host of other supporting information bases into one complete cross-referenced program. The Alim was also the first program with an open architecture that allowed for infinite expansion. ISL freely made available all of the extensive content that was included in The Alim. The goal was to foster development and dissemination of Islamic literature in the electronic media, allowing others to develop services and products in the field of Islamic education. To date, The Alim has pioneered many efforts in Islamic software and multimedia. In many web sites and software programs available today you will find material that was originally created for The Alim.
    In 1997 ISL added Arabic Playhouse to its line of products. Arabic Playhouse is designed to teach children and adults how to read Qur’anic Arabic. With the aid of multimedia elements, the program is designed to be language independent so a person of any national origin can utilize it with the greatest of ease. Like The Alim, Arabic Playhouse quickly became a leader in its field.
    Alhamdolillah, the Alim & Arabic Playhouse, have been successfully serving the Muslim community across the world for almost two decades while continuously updating and expanding the capabilities of these globally popular software. Currently, in early 2010 the generators of Alim & Arabic Playhouse software with a new management team, under Alim Foundation decided to take another leap into future with the cutting edge technology to provide added ease, quality, and efficiency to its' user community through transitioning the software features online.
    Now and in future, you will continue to see revolutionary products and services emerging under Alim Foundation using state of the art technology and unsurpassed proficiency. Please continue to visit our website, to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in the Islamic world.

    Nonprofit Services

      While benefitting from the classical Islamic knowledge base of, you will be enjoying the skillful and beneficial professional and consulting services supporting the cause of Islam and Muslims through the advanced technological support and tools.
      Alim Foundation plans to provide Consulting and Training Services to non-profit faith based organizations especially to Islamic Centers, Institutions, and Organizations in the following areas that can be expanded as the time and resources permit inshaAllah:
      1. Funeral Services, for a Metro area: Masajid Contacts, Funeral Homes & Cost, Cemeteries & Cost and Burial and Funeral Guidelines
      2. Khutba and Khateebs Management & Collaboration: Provide periodic Khutba schedule, Khutbas and topics, Coordinate Friday Khutbas/subjects/topics, Exchange Imams/Khateebs between centers, Receive community suggestions and follow-up, and Create SMS codes for each Khateeb to give out at the end of Khutbas to allow congregation members to send immediate feedback via text messaging.
      3. Education, Training, Workshops: Promote education of children, youth, adult, new Muslims, and non-Muslims, Training of adult, youth, and women for leadership and community participation
      4. Provide interfaith dialog and combating Islamic image forums
      5. Community development and building relationships within Muslim community and with community-at-large.
      6. Develop and maintain list of institutions providing Arabic language and Islamic education worldwide.
      7. Islamic sensitivity training (diversity training) course materials and curricula.
      8. Islamic family system, marriage, and divorce.
      9. Administrative.
        a. Establish, register, and maintain non-profit status with associated record-keeping.
        b. Centralized databases.
        c. Charity / Zakat Distribution.
        d. Personnel/resources: Muslim Doctors, Engineers, Journalist, Lawyers, and Political Scientists etc.
        e. Islamic institutions and other service.
      10. Management and Leadership a. Development of business, strategic, and execution Plans
        b. Establishment and maintenance of effective governance
        c. Keeping and tracking sound financial Base
      11. Reseller for cloud-based technologies: Become an authorized reseller of Google Apps for other non-profit organizations. They can get email, document sharing, collaboration tools, etc at good prices.
      12. MSA Facilities & Technology
      13. Technology and Management assistance for college MSAs and potentially High School MSAs.
      14. Directories of MSAs
      15. By-laws and guidance

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