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Monday, March 15, 2010

They Only Wish to Deceive Us

The Kuffar would do anything that they can so that we, Muslims, follow them and leave Islam and surprisingly, many of us are doing what they want.
Do listen to the following two videos.

We should learn a lesson from this and remain steadfast on Islam.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that a lot of kuffar are tempting us with insidious, tempting tricks to try and leave Islam...however a good many of them have been refreshingly supportive of Islam, particularly the good Christians among them. It's worth reading and following Suratal Kafirun in this regard, because it clearly states how we as Muslims should ward off kufr. At the same time we should try and attract sincere non-Muslims to Islam because a lot of Christians/Jews/non-Muslims are actually good folk who just need some guidance to the straight path.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Yes, that's true but its only a small minority who are actually good towards the Muslims. Its the majority who elect the leaders.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. Your comment over here and the man speaking.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Well, we'll see, inshallah. Time will prove you wrong, inshallah. Remember that the end belongs to the muttaqeen (pious).

Umm Ibraheem said...

The lecture is good, but having experienced life in the West, the Middle East, as well as the Indian sub-continent, and trying to learn to be a slave of Allah, I think, as our lecturer said, we have to judge people by their decision makers. But, I don't think that a decent-looking Muslim like Imaduddin needs to worry negatively. From the study of the Quran and Sunnah, I find that we don't have time to waste on negative stuff. A Muslim will answer for every blessing, including time, energy and the Internet. We MUST spend time in trying to understand the words and implications of the Quran, the positive way and strategies in the Sunnah, and increase knowledge. That is the only way which can prove that we mean what we say in KalimaTayyibah. Our enemies will always be our enemies. Why should we focus our energies on them. If we work on ourselves and our own community to spread knowledge and understanding, the resulting combined effects of more than a billion TRUE Muslims cannot fail to make the world what it was supposed to be; a haven for Allah's creations. We are shirking our responsibilities when we look to the West as the cause or focus of our problems.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Yes, I agree with you on that.

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