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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marhaba Ya Ramadan!

Here is a video that I uploaded yesterday for the welcoming of Ramadan. I intended to write this post yesterday but I forgot.
Anyways, I've just been from the mosque for the Fajr prayer and was really amazed. Usually, it is rare that even the second saff is completed. There are total eight saffs in the uncovered (or roofless) area of the mosque. I was surprised to find out that all eight saffs had been filled. Furthermore, only some people in the eighth saff were late for salah.
Coming to the main point, I thought it important to write that Ramadan may be called a practice session for forming good habits. However, it is important that even after Ramadan, these habits should be maintained.

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marhaba said...

ya ahlaal muhmineen assalamu alaikum yahkoob machampady

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