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Friday, February 13, 2009

Women Under Taliban Rule - Truth Never Exposed

"Based on a survey by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), 80% of schools for girls located in villages across Afghanistan and controlled by the Taliban are still operating. Pia Karlsson, Education Adviser of SCA, mentioned 85% of the girls are still going to school. In the Province of Kunduz, which is under the Taliban rule, 122 schools for girls are operating, with 390 registered female teachers!"

Afghanistan and Taliban are the main target in the anti-Muslim media to attack Islam and Muslims as though Taliban are the only Muslim in the world!

All the women (western feminists) who criticized the Burqa (their traditional dress), were silent when 2 millions Afghan citizens were dead due to the Russian bombs, they were silent when 500,000 Afghan citizens were handicapped because of landmines, and they were quiet when thousands of Afghan women were raped before the Taliban came to power.

General Hamid who had lived for some years under the Taliban, said: "There was never a campaign directed at allowing the beating of women and there was no prohibition for women to pursue education. There was only restriction on mixed-gender education."

There are so many fabrications on 'respected' websites in the internet about the 'suffering' of Afghan women, while at the same time there isn't any mention of date, name, location or any other data that could be verified. Hamid Gul said that he always noticed there were more women than men in the streets or in the markets during the Taliban era.

The Afghan who protested in the west were those who originated from the Khalq and Parcham factions who were Communists. They were not representatives of the majority of the Afghan society. The Taliban had to keep an eye on these communist women with an extra tight measure to ensure they would not cause any discord or troubles.

Women only have to wear the burqa in the streets, whereas at home they are free to wear any dress they like. Munur, a nurse said: "Women in the hospitals seldom wear the burqa and even the jilbab when there are no men in there."

During the pre-Taliban era, there were only 350 beds for women in the hospitals across Kabul. In August 2001, there were 950 beds in the hospitals which were specific for women only. Some of the hospitals that were exclusive for women were Rabia Balkhi Hospital, The Red Crescent of Kuwait Health Center and The Health Clinic for Infectious Disease.

There were also 32 clinics for women and children. Additionally, the women also received the services provided by the ICRC and the Sanday Gal Orthopaedic Centers. Only female doctors and nurses were working in the hospitals and clinics to give the healthcare services to the female patients.

However the Sun, Daily Express, New York Times, and all the journalists never report this story, the same goes for BBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. This is part of the campaign of lies so that the world populations would be against the Taliban. They lied that the women could not work, the women could not go out of the house, to go to school, or even to go to hospital, but all the above mentioned facts proved otherwise.

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Lone Walker said...

The thing is Afghanistan was to backward to have any surveys carried out and there are living people who can claim the disaster the taliban were.
As for the northern aliiance and todays government they are just a bunch of goons same warlords who have plundered the nation without mercy.
And you capitalist scum, communism is the will of the people and a system of governance most suitable for backward nations and it is true that afghanistan under the communist was more better place than ever but these afghan mules can never understand and always bite the hand that feeds the.

Your sincerely,
Muhammad bin Ismail

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

You think Afghanistan is too backward. The Americans might be thinking that Pakistan is too backward.
As for capitalism and communism, Islam is the best system and it will be established. You can read my posts about khilafah to find out more.

Maryam said...

I agree Talban have some some wrong work. But overall they are good muslims then me.
Even Redlly was a christan, but she accept islam after releas talban.
Sha says, she never see great persons like talban.

So media publsih wrong info about talban. They don't want to implement islamic laws in muslims countries.

May Allah help Right

john said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Just because you don't know anything about Islam doesn't that you should make up things about it which have nothing to do with it.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Note that in case someone uses improper language, I will delete that comment.

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