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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Common Questions and Misconceptions among Muslims

Many of the Muslims are confused by the question that if Allah knows what we will do why then does he need to send us in this world if we don't have a will.
In fact, we do have a will. Let me give you an example. Before an exam, a teacher guesses that this boy is going to fail and this one will come first in the class. Now when the result comes, the guess made by the teacher proved to be correct but the boy who failed cannot say that I failed because the teacher said it. Similarly, Allah has infinite knowledge so what we call His guesses they are not really guesses because Allah's so called guesses are perfect. Allah knows what we will do but we are in fact doing it of our free will.
If Allah had directly sent us to Heaven or Hell, the ones entering Heaven would be happy but the ones who would enter Hell would protest saying that we might have gone to the right path so now that Allah has sent us here, we won't be able to say anything against Allah's decision on the Day of Resurrection. Take the above case. If the teacher gave the results without taking the exams, the students who would get less marks would protest.

The misconception that Muslims have is that they think that since Allah is so kind and merciful, He will forgive everyone. Allah is more loving than a mother and since a mother cannot bear to see his child in pain, Allah , also, will not be able to bear His creations in pain.
Well, let me give you an example. You make two robots. One of them works as you want it to while the other does not. Will you keep both of you or throw the useless one away? Of course, unless you don't collect junk you'll throw it away. Similarly, those people who obey Allah's commands will be rewarded by being sent to Heaven while the ones who do not obey Allah (God) will be useless and will be sent to Hell.

Another misconception is that Muslims think that whatever we do in this world does not matter because Prophet Muhammad (S) will intercede on their behalf and persuade Allah to accept them into Heaven.
You should know that Allah will only allow intercession of whom He wills (i.e. his faithful servants who obey Him) as Allah says in the Holy Quran in Surah al-Baqarah, Chapter no. 2, Verse no. 255:

Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth?

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Anonymous said...

Brother, these are not guesses, this word is not appropriate from my point of view, Allah taala never guesses, He knows the future.

On the Day of Judgment when a person will say that “O Allah , whatever wrong i done, it is because of satan, he asked me to disobey you, so satan will say I have only invited him to do this, but he accepted my invitation. I didn’t force him to disobey you. And those who will go to hell cannot say, that because Allah has destined this for us so we are in hell. It is because of their own deeds that they are in hell.

Allah has given free will to us but this free will is no more than a test.

Coming to the second misconception that Allah is so kind and merciful, He will forgive everyone. Allah is more loving than a mother and since a mother cannot bear to see his child in pain, Allah , also, will not be able to bear His creations in pain.

"Ar-Rahmaan (The Beneficient) and Ar-Raheeem (The merciful) are the first two attributes of Allah subhanahuwa taa'ala. These attributes represent Allah's kindness and mercy which expands on all His creatures. This is true, but most of us forget that Allah is also Al-Adl (The Just) which means that He does Justice to all of His servants. Accordingly, it would only be fair to reward a pious person with Jannah (Heaven) and a person who does not adhere with the teachings of Islam, with Jahanumm (Hell).

If Allah wanted He could have ordained that irrespective of whether we do good or bad deeds we will all enter Jannah but would that really be fair? Tell me would anybody be bothered to do good deeds? Everyone would think that even if we don't do any good deeds we will still go to Jannah as Allah is afterall Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem.

For example, if a teacher tells her students that i will give you all 100% in your exams even if you pass it or not as I love you all, the students who usually revise for their exams won't study this time as they know that the teacher is not fair and they know that even if they don't study they will still get 100%.

Similarly, if Allah grants both the pious person and the disbeliever with Jannah then how would that be just?

Allah says in the Quran in Sura Qaaf verse 29

"I AM NOT UNJUST TO MY SLAVES" (in the least bit)

Therefore, to think that Allah is all Merciful and Beneficient is fine BUT to think that Allah will definately forgive our sins is WRONG because Allah judges with complete justice. Thus, everyone will get what they deserve. If we summarize this in one line then it can said that, 'Allah taa'ala is Merciful yet at the same time He is Just" .

Allah can surely fogive our little sins given that we Repent with sincerity as its stated in the Qur'an".

And Allah Knows Best.

Ahmad Bilal said...

Masha ALLAH.
very beautiful discussion.

Anonymous said...

Why do modern people still believe in these archaic religions?

Why not discuss what Zeus would do? What's the difference?

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Anonymous 1
That is the reason I used "so-called".
And anyways, I agree with what you say!

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Anonymous 2
The simplest answer is that the human being has not changed. It is only the equipment he uses which have changed.

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Ahmed Bilal
Thank you for your comment! Please keep on spreading the word of this blog.

Ahmad Bilal said...


All right. I be inviting more and more people insha ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Salam Alaykum,

Plz can anyone tell me what's the meaning of Zues or who are Zues?

What Anonymous 3 is talkin about?

Imad-ud-din Saqib said...

Zeus was a Greek god or something.

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