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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A True Story

This is a true story that one of my teachers told me. I will use the name X for the teacher. I, along with two of my friends, was very astonished.

Once, at the end of the month of Ramadhan, Mr. X went to a milad. There, the speaker gave a very instigating speech. At the end of his speech, the speaker asked the crowd that who would follow one of the sunnah of the Prophet (S) by keeping a beard. No one stood up to claim that he would do such a thing. The speaker asked them what kind of love was that that they could not even keep a beard for their Prophet (S). Suddenly, Mr. X had a strange feeling and he stood up. He promised that he would keep a beard.

So, the beard started growing. In the meanwhile, Mr. X had strange dreams. In one of the dreams, there were huge containers of juice. He was drinking from these containers and was saying, "O Allah! I am full so I don't want to drink any more." but a voice would say, "Keep on drinking. There is lot more for you."

Soon after, he developed a disease in which an insect eats away the hair and patches started appearing in his beard. After discussions with the doctor, he decided to shave his beard until the disease was cured as that was the only treatment.

After some time, there was no change. One of Mr. X's friends was going for Umrah. He asked Mr. X about a gift he should bring. Mr. X asked him to pray for him that Allah cures the disease. Before his friend came back, the hair started growing.

Inshallah, Mr. X intends to keep a beard soon.

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